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    The fusion reactor is kind of ridiculous. More risk and less reward? You have to rely on a random chance of getting a fuel cell? Real fusion reactors would be like the Rocket Science ones (very sad to see that mod fall behind) and mad science fusion reactors should give boatloads of power at the risk of turning the surroundings into a rapidly expanding plasma cloud.

    It's not that I dislike the idea of making liquid nitrogen and all, but the fusion reactor just seems to be missing a niche in the power section.

    This part is actually quite accurate. Reactors require huge amount of cooling, usually in form of water. Fukushima was caused by tidal waves destroying pumps that provided reactors with water, afaik.

    Correct for most reactors. There are a number of reactors which require no supplemental cooling outside of the air around them IRL, such as the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor being built in South Africa.

    The thing is, an IC2 nuclear reactor includes the turbines and generators along with the reactor, without any of the normal parts used to cool a reactor aside from the fuel pool.

    I think it would awesome if someone actually made a cooling tower / condenser mod. Make it like the coke ovens and blast furnaces in railcraft so it has to be a certain size, and have it provide cooling to the reactor as long as it is powered.

    I put the images inside the spoiler

    I love the industrial information panel - it's awesome. Definite adds to the ambiance, and lets me know what I need to know. The only problem is that I can only get one display / monitor working. I can't get both the info panel and a remote monitor to work on a reactor, even with two identical cards. I also can't get a display working for my breeder reactor even though it is quite close to the reactor - the display shows nothing. I right clicked on the reactor with a sensor kit, installed the card, got nothing.

    I'm using the current tekkit in SMP