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    A while back I suggested it would be cool for there to be Airships in IC2 and got the understandable feedback from the developers that it was just too buggy do to the entity conversion for airships, but I came up with an idea when thinking about a mod I want to develop.

    What if you could create "sub-world" entities, essentially a secondary word zone within the world that can have block placed in it and when the sub-world moves it moves the items within. This eliminates the need for making a ship an entity and will allow items to still be accessible/usable while in motion.

    I understand that this would be large focus and a lot of work, so I wouldn't expect anything soon (or even within the next year), but its a unique concept. I'll be looking into myself when I have the time and I'll post here code that i find.

    But just an idea, thanks for listening.

    Yeah, there is a mod for GMOD that does this. "Gravity Hull Designator" when you designate an area it creates a room in the middle of nowhere. Then everything inside the area is moved into the room, when the rendering stage is reached it is teleported back to the area in the real world (and then put back once it has been rendered).

    Exactly, now for it to be done in minecraft, that would be awesome!

    Okay, so as the title states, I think i figured a way an airship can work with devices like a furnace and such to be still workable and would love to see this in IC2.

    So, as most know, to make blocks move they must be made an entity to be moved. This means they wont work while being moved, which is a pain because the idea of a flying base is awesome. The question i asked myself was how to do this, and the answer was fairly simple. Operate-able blocks only work when they are located in the world as a block, so as an entity they dont work. So if a temp world space could be made that was coordinated to be within a specified location (an airship, entity) then you could have an air ship that has working devices in it, and for good reason too as I was thinking it would need a decent amount of energy for anti grav or prop pieces to work.

    So essentially you would need frames to dictate the airships entity body, but that any enclosed area on the ship would have a temp world associated. To identify that the ship is ready, it would need a core to make it an entity (not needing power its self or having to distribute power to the drive sections). It would need drive sections, and for balance I would say lift-ability would be based on #blocks per drive piece or area based (area based would be more realistic as you would need drive pieces through out the ship, rather than just bunching them into an engine room).

    Any who, would love to see this