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    Thanks for your reply!

    I did experiment with the whole turbine jazz but the constant explosions of steam just did my head in. I couldn't build a setup that would have no steam explosions so I ruled that out. I was going to have a drone of explosions 24/7 that would drive everyone batty.

    Hey fellas.

    Thought I would dive in and share our setup that we run on our server. I'm no nuclear engineer - it has been a long time since I last used IC2 Nuclear Power. Its probably been about 3-4 years since I last touched nuclear power? It was when Ice and water could be used to cool the reactors anyway. But I believe this is my first stable IC2 Experimental setup. (I really should say ours since it was a joint effort involving many players and months of work to set this up).

    We run four Liquid Cooled Reactors. Each reactor has its own Coolant System set up which consists of 22 Liquid Heat Exchangers and 22 Stirling Generators. The reactor and its cooling system are connected together with Thermal Dynamics Fluid-ducts. The reactors rely on a Redpower circuit. Its quite difficult to explain in words, but I will try explain it as best I can. What this circuit does is it automatically regulates the running time. Each reactor has its own individual redstone circuit. When you turn the reactor on, it will trip a Thermal Monitor set to 300, however a Toggle Latch overrides this signal and the reactor will continue to function. When the reactor reaches 30% Core Heat, another Thermal Monitor set to 3000 will trip and override the Main control, switching the reactor into "Cooldown Mode" (off). Once the reactor cools down past the 300 Mark on the Thermal Monitor, the reactor will once again re-start and heat up again. This process continues over and over and over again. We have run the reactors for two and a half hours on this automated set up and thus far we have not had any catastrophic failures. However, we have yet to see how long it can run for. Each Reactor outputs 456 HU/s, except for Reactor 3. Reactor 3 is a very tempermental one and I don't know why. It only outputs 432 HU/s despite having the same setup as its siblings.

    Unfortunately our setup is very expensive to make. We have four of them. So go figure. We wanted the best of the best in this project.

    For just one reactor you need.

    16 * Coal
    704 * Copper
    21 * Diamond
    666.500 * Iron
    96 * Lapis Lazuli
    192 * Redstone
    576 * Rubber
    202 * Tin
    32 * Uranium Fuel

    Now multiply those statistics by four :P

    Here is the code for the IC2 Reactor planner: 0A120A0A0A0A0A120A1203120A120A1203120A120A1203120A120A0A121203080312120A1203121203121203120A120A0A120A0A120A

    I do not quite know how to read the new Planner so please, if there is anything that should be brought to my attention, please do not hesitate to tell me.

    For this setup, you need IC2 (obviously), Thermal Dynamics, Project Red and Nuclear Control. We use Wireless Redstone to control our reactors as it allows for clean and tidy circuitry. I recommend it, but it is not necessary for this setup to function.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how we could better improve on our setup, please let me know. I am eager to expand and optimize this setup as best I can!

    I have shared some screenshots below.…ea58a45e5737e9c766769.png…1a2df9522981451fbe000.png…e35341a1f098e99498bb5.png