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    OK I deleted all the files of the original rotary zip, and it still gives me this error It says that there is no advanced block machine. so I dont know what to do. Can you please tell me what could be wrong.

    NVM I didnt install the latest version of this addon.:whistling: Stupid mistake. Going to try the compressor now. Wish me luck. I do have a suggestion though. Maybe you should have the zips of all the versions in case of any problem. thanks again for this wonderful addon and lets hope that it gets added to a future patch of IC2

    I think it may be caused because I didn't completely remove the rotary mod before installing I know this because it keeps generating the config file for the rotary addon from before, but I cant completely uninstall it because I just placed the unziped files into the jar. So ican I please have the previous version of this addon. I really want to download the newest part as well.

    What does it mean when I get this error