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    heh, more Buildcraft woes...seems I can't pump lava into your thermal generator. I'm guessing that's not intentional, since it's a upgraded version of the Geothermal plant which can have lava pumped into it via BC pipes. I'm sorry about these issues I keep finding with BuildCraft - I'm playing a game with really low resources so it's more cost effective for me in the long run to pump the lava directly into the generators rather than using tin cells since I tweaked lots of resources to be much rarer so I would use things I never really looked at before. It's definitly a pain but it's also fun.

    Just found titanium ore - two things I noticed, one is that there's loads of it - I've only barely scratched the surface and I've already got more than 2 stacks of titanium now. I may of just been lucky but I explored a extreme hills and then an ocean biome and still had loads of stuff. I know you need quite alot for the new crystal but the titanium chest is huge and it would make other chest mods a bit redundant - maybe add a config file to let us set how rare it is, if you can do that :) Also it glows really brightly! I'm guessing this is just to help you debug it however. I don't mind it glowing if it's on purpose but again it's so plentiful and bright that you can use it as a replacement for glowstone if you didn't mind how it looked.

    I'm really liking this mod, but I have just one question - what side do I use to pump stuff into the grinder via Buildcraft pipes? I couldn't seem to find it, I can put items directly into the main slot if I put them in the bottom but I can't seem to fill up it's backlog supply. I really like the speed setting btw, it's really handy to match it roughly to a pipe's input rate so that things don't get clogged up.

    I'm just another outsider who wants to post that I greatly appreciate the work Alblaka and his team are doing on IC2. I'm not a minecraft modder but I have released several big TCs for another game and I think the people who make lots of demands can't really appreciate what's appealing about it to us modders. I'm not sure how it is for you personally but modding is just another way of escapism for me and I feel bad that many people have tried to force you to approach it as a job instead of what it really is, a hobby.

    Keep up the good work no matter what decision you make regarding it's future.

    EDIT: also I have to say bugs are good to spot but it's understandable not being too enthustiastic about it if you're wanting to actually work on new content instead of going over past stuff. I had a beta tester for my stuff who constantly found errors and although it was good they were being found, it really drained my enthusiasm because I spent less time working on what I liked and more just going over and over old stuff.

    Name: Terraformer ExtrabiomesXL wasteland module

    I'm a big fan of both IC2 and ExtrabiomesXL - one of the biomes in that mod is a wasteland biome that basically consists of a new blocktype. It's a huge flat expense of dying land basically. I set up a terraformer to try and convert it to farmable land and whilst I had a good feeling it wouldn't work, I still felt a bit sad since it would of been great to set one up and then have it turn the new biome type into grassland with life and such.

    My idea/suggestion basically would be to either add the new 'wasteland' block to the cultivator's list of blocks it could transform, or add a new terraformer program using the wasteland's block.

    Keep up the good work in anycase, really liking what you're doing with the mod :)