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    So wait... is there a way to turn off using rotors? because I really just wanted to use the mod as you would use compact solars. I read through the comments and Im still confused on if the config has that option. Can someone please fill me in?

    So I am thinking of a really cool machine that could in a way be "Industrial Equivalent Exchange," it of course would have a explainable concept rather than 1 goes in another comes out.

    Some time ago scientists thought of the idea of making gold from lead by taking some protons and electrons away (I could be wrong but whatever...). This could be achieved by using a particle collider (The cost of using the particle collider outweighed the profits...)

    I think we could have a EMC like system which uses something like amount of protons and stuffs to make a exchange system. Of course this won't be something your building the second you get a few diamonds. This would be a large multiblock structure that would require massive amounts of EU to run. I was thinking of a nuclear reactor like layout where you place items in different areas and have all sorts of components (For increasing efficiency, speed and other things) but I dont know how it would be implemented well. So probably a simple gui that you place items in and it transforms it at a cost of energy.

    Hope you like this suggestion!