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    I was thinking about cryogenics and liquid nitrogen and then got on a roll.

    Usually liquid nitrogen is made in real life by compressing liquefied air, cooling it, expanding it to super cool it, and then distilling it into super cooled liquid/gas forms of oxygen, nitrogen and argon.


    Compressed Air

    A compressed tank of air.

    Possible Uses:

    • Creation of Nitrogen Cells, Oxygen Cells, and Argon Cells
    • Powering Pneumatic Tools
    • Creating Scuba Tanks
    • Powering Air Gun (Weapon that only knocks creatures back)

    Empty Cell > Compressor = Compressed Air


    Has 4 output slots. Separates something into multiple parts.
    Can be supplied with Empty Cells or Buckets from bottom for certain items.
    Such examples are:

    • Advanced Alloy > 3 bronze 3 + tin 3 + refined iron
    • Compressed Air + 0 Empty Cell > Nitrogen Cell
    • Compressed Air + 1 Empty Cell > Nitrogen Cell + Argon Cell
    • Compressed Air + Empty Buckets > Nitrogen Bucket
    • Beer > Whiskey/Brandy

    [ ] [Ice ] [ ]
    [Empty Cell ] [Extractor] [Empty Cell ]
    [Refined Iron] [Empty Cell] [Refined Iron]
    Nitrogen Cell

    A container for Nitrogen.
    Nitrogen can:

    • Be used as Coolant Cells
    • Can be used to make fertilizer (or possibly enrich fertilizer)
    • Be pumped into engines to cool them at high efficiency
    • Be used to cool a Nuclear Reactor at high efficiency
    • Be combined with a water cell to make ice.
    • Be combined with a lava cell to make obsidian
    • Solidify Oil and Fuel
    • Be safely stored in Tanks
    • Be removed from tanks with Buckets

      • Nitrogen Bucket: If poured on ground from a bucket it has the following effects

        • Spreads across ground like lava
        • Damages creatures that touch, like lava, but without the burn.
        • Severely harms fire enemies
        • Turns Lava Source Blocks into Obsidian
        • Slows creatures that touch it.
        • Freezes water to ice
        • Evaporates when exposed to the Nether or Direct Sunlight (closest equivalent to an open air environment in Minecraft)
        • Can be used instead of water in a nuclear reactor. Evaporates slower.

    • Be used to make Nitrogen Sprayers.

    Compressed Air + Bucket > Distiller = Nitrogen Bucket
    Compressed Air + 2 Empty Cells > Distiller = Nitrogen Cell + Argon Cell

    If you don't want to bother with a new machine. Perhaps run a Coolant Cell through an extractor again.


    Argon Cell

    In real life, argon is used to make lighting. Also due to it replacing oxygen: fire extinguishers, thermal insulation, and preservative environments (where oxygen can do harm).


    • Neon Lighting.

    Compressed Air > Distiller + Empty Cell = Nitrogen Cell + Argon Cell


    Incandescent Tube

    An colored argon filled tube that conducts a current and provides light.
    Each segment of connected tube consumes 0.25 EU/t as current passes through it.
    A single segment can transmit 32 EU/t before exploding.
    A hostile mob that comes in contact with Incandescent Tube will start burning like with luminators.
    They do not store energy like luminators.
    They are placed the same as Cables.
    They can connect to IC2 Wiring, IC2 Energy Storage, and IC2 Machines.
    They cannot connect to Tube of a different color.
    They can be painted with a painter.
    Provides glowstone level light when powered.

    [*] Create 'business style' tube lighting with white tubes.
    [*] Fun Use: Connect a series of neon tube to a batbox. Set that bat box to turn off when it receives a redpower signal. Provide signal at intervals to flash the logo. (Imagine creating a vegas style sign animating as different segments of tube turn on and off.)

    [Glass] [Glass ] [Glass]
    [Dye ] [Argon Cell] [Dye]
    [Glass] [Glass ] [Glass]
    Makes 6 Neon Tube of the color matching dye.


    Scuba Backpack

    A backpack that allows you to breath underwater.
    Using Compressed Air and a Canning Machine, you can fill up a Scuba tank.

    [Empty Cell] [Electronic Circuit] [Empty Cell]
    [Empty Fuel Can] [Tin] [Empty Fuel Can]
    [Empty Fuel Can] [Nothing] [Empty Fuel Can]


    Nitrogen Sprayer

    A tool that is filled with liquid nitrogen.

    Nitrogen Sprayers can be used to:

    • Freeze up to 12 blocks of water
    • Convert up to 12 blocks of lava into obsidian
    • Rapidly cool a machine that is overheaing.
    • Extinguish large areas of fire.
    • Seriously harm a fire creature
    • Harm and slow other creatures.

    When a Nitrogen Sprayer becomes empty it becomes a Empty Sprayer.

    Empty Sprayer
    [Cobblestone] [Empty Cell]
    [Empty Cell] [Stick]
    [Nothing] [Nothing] [Cobblestone]

    Nitrogen Sprayer
    [Empty Sprayer] [Nitrogen Cell]

    Nitrogen Sprayer Full
    [Nitrogen Cell] [Nitrogen Cell] [Nitrogen Cell]
    [Nitrogen Cell] [Empty Sprayer or Nitrogen Sprayer] [Nitrogen Cell]
    [Nitrogen Cell] [Nitrogen Cell] [Nitrogen Cell]


    Enriched Fertilizer

    Nitrogen Enriched Fertilizer. Provides a long lasting nutrient boost to a crop.

    Fertilizer + Nitrogen Cell

    Constuction Foam Suggestion: Refilling the CF Sprayer

    I request in the next Inustrial Craft Update that it would be easier to refill the cfsprayer.

    Let me go into further detail.

    At the moment you are limited to using 1 pellet at a time when refilling the sprayer, therefore having to craft 8 different sprayers in order to get a full sprayer.

    • CF Sprayer 1601 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 1401
    • CF Sprayer 1401 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 1201
    • CF Sprayer 1201 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 1001
    • CF Sprayer 1001 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 801
    • CF Sprayer 801 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 601
    • CF Sprayer 601 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 401
    • CF Sprayer 401 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 201
    • CF Sprayer 201 + CF Pellet = CF Sprayer 1 (Full)

    As you can see, it is a 8 step process.
    I request that you be able to do the following.

    • CF Sprayer 1601 + 8 CF Pellet s= CF Sprayer 1 (Full)

    A simple fix that would make the sprayer much more enjoyable to use.

    I also request that you be able to craft a CF Pack with empty sprayers in order to make a empty pack.

    Suggestion Regarding Mushroom Terraforming

    First time posting here, and probably the only suggestion I have for it. When the Terraforming replaces huge mushroom blocks, have it target only these data values of Huge Mushroom blocks when transforming into Mycelium

    1: Corner piece Cap texture on top, west and north
    3: Corner piece Cap texture on top, north and east
    7: Corner piece Cap texture on top, south and west
    9: Corner piece Cap texture on top, east and south

    That would allow the huge mushrooms to stay mainly mushrooms, instead of glitchy dirt things. Also, the effect of mushrooms branching off from corners looks very good (something I used to do when you could actually harvest mushroom blocks with sides)