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    Yes, thank you for the update it works now :)

    And just like walkerjonny mentioned, the LV water mills placed before this fix, don't detect water around them ( walkerjonny: they need to be picked up and placed again).
    The MV and EV are fine without replacing (didn't test the HV), although I've noticed an increase in MV output to around 21 EU/t, which after calculating the area seems right, but I must have missed that they were producing too little before - around 13 EU/t, I thought it was by design and I didn't count how much it should have been :)

    If the area for MV is 13x13x13 as stated, may I suggest perhaps a slight increase in "internal efficiency", so that it would be more productive than eight LV mills?

    I think I found a bug. Looking at the nuclear reactor with either nano or quantum helmet on, corrupts the world.
    Error log:

    Tested on IC2 1.103 with other mods, including IC2NuclearControl, not sure if that's relevant.