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    Recipe recently changed from diamond surrounded by redstone. Now you have to craft energium dust like this:

    1. [R ] [DD] [R ]
    2. [DD] [R ] [DD]
    3. [R ] [DD] [R ]
    4. R - Redstone
    5. DD - Diamond Dust (macerated diamond)

    and then compress it to Energy Crystal.

    I have (almost) the same problem. Any of my machines (compressor, exractor, generator, macerator) are not making any sounds when working. Only when on low EU I hear the infamous sound, that machine have stopped working due to out of power.
    I have installed MC Forge 4.1.1 to minecraft.jar and IC2 (to mods dir ofcourse).
    I also have been using other mods like BC, Forestry, Railcraft. Will try to remove them and test with only IC² present.
    This occured when running local world, will try in "SMP".