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    I doubt I will be useful but try removing the following Mod:

    ExtraBees [Extra Bees] (

    EDIT: In fact I can see it being that mod. Go into the zip and delete anything related to ic2 in the main folder if there is a such thing. Prob out of date API. Only mod on this list that I know that used IC API.

    I confirm this. I removed it and sure enough it worked again. I know Binnie is busy atm, so he/she won't be able to fix the problem yet, but I'll let him/her know.

    I'm getting the same error Warplord is getting. Everytime I place a compact solar, I get this error. (And when I load the world again, I get this error)

    I have no IC2 addons, and I'm using forge 265. All the mods I have are in the error report.