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    With the new teleporter, has there been a suggestion to include a controller block (or just function in the existing block) to maintain a list of user-defined coordinate tuples?

    The one way and long distance teleportation is great, but not having the capacity to save and load from a list of named destinations seems a bit unfortunate in the land of nuclear reactors and computer cubes. :)

    I decided to make a max efficiency MkI reactor. With multi-uranium cells and reflectors I came up with the following design:

    MkI Reactor ; 180 eu/t ; 36m eu / cycle ; 22 eu / t / uranium.

    If the single uranium cells are replaced with reflectors, it becomes:
    MkI Reactor ; 140 eu/t ; 28m eu /cycle ; 35eu / t / uranium.

    Not gonna bother to tabulate resource costs: They're high. But, if you're playing the efficiency game, I feel the second one sets the bar pretty high for a Mk1 reactor.