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    I am just saying that the server is not joinable. When I try (And anyone else that I've heard) it either has this message: IC2 id mismatch (item.itemArmorQuantumChestplate: expected 29921, got 29917), or Minecraft crashes. This may have something to do with Quantum being disabled (I have heard that ndel disablde it) but I'm not sure. If this could be remedied ASAP that would be great. Also, awhitekid6969, we may have been using some quantum armour pieces, but we -Me in particular- were not aware of this seeing as we could craft it. We figured if it was not allowed we couldn't make it. Also, I don't see how responding to your hostilities are being "gay". Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I don't see how that works. If you could just understand that you have no control of the server, have no say in ndels or any admin judgement and that you're just spamming all caps in game claiming how unfair our higher player count is. That would be at least a bit better for me :)
    However fun you are to acknowledge due to a lack of logic, and despite how much laughter it gives me, I think you might want to stop and think. We have a player limit, and it won't be removed until all other teams catch up. So I hope that might stop some raging.