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    Yes, the transformer is facing the right way, and I have no redstone currant applied to either the MFE or transformer. I have an EU reader which registers no power at all coming out of the system.

    I'm late game on an SMP server, and I'm having a huge problem with my MFE. I'm moving house, and I recently arrived at my new base, and have set up the EXACT same pattern of batboxes, solar panels, and one MFE, but now my MFE won't give off power. I know it is charging, and everything is working fine, except for the fact that the MFE isn't sending any EU down the glass fiber cable I have hooked up to an LV-transformer, which is in turn hooked up to machines. The machines aren't charging, which is a big problem for me, being late-game and without any machines.

    I haven't tested this with my batbox yet, I will do this soon.

    Notes: I know the output face is connected with the cable. Also, the redstone button in the top-right of the MFE UI is set to 'nothing'.

    Any help would be appreciated.