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    Looks like I need to disable wrenchable on the Emitters as well. I need to look at what IC2 is doing when a wrench is used to remove a block. It's not using the standard blockRemove callback because it's not invalidating the tile entity.

    Ah, I had seen your note about wrenching the bench, but not the emitters. It's good that they're the same bug, since it's one fix instead of two :D

    Also, as to the HV bench, I've tested this and it does indeed display the correct energy. Did you have a bunch of overclockers in the upgrade slot? Every overclocker increases energy use for charging exponentially by 50% while increasing the charge rate exponentially by 30%.

    I would just like to independently confirm that my HV bench appears to function correctly.

    Just a heads up, I'm working on an exciting new feature for the Charging Bench that should really take this to the next level. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to show all of you once I get it working! No ETA yet. Coming with this new version are a couple of bug fixes as well.

    Oooh, mysteries abound! Will this new feature be in the next version, or some later version?

    Myself, a few hours ago: "Hmm, I wonder if that charging bench plugin was ever updated to the newest version..."

    Myself, moments later: "Well, look at that!"
    This is very slick, I love it! Haven't noticed any issues with the bench itself. I did encounter a disconnect (SMP) when playing around with the Emitters. When I wrenched an HV Emitter, this was output into the console and I was kicked:

    But other than that, very very nice!