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    Whew... finally managed to make a canning machine. I thought the hard part was getting the T1 circuit, but it took a ton of work after that, wow. So now, how do you make sure you insert only the required amount of fluid to can, since you can't get excess back out? For instance, if I want to make a BIC, I need to insert only 1000L of butane, but if my drum has more than that, it will all go in, and then there is no way to get the extra back out.

    For most machines, you can use a tap to extract any fluid they contain. Taps work on more than just tanks and barrels.

    Also, if you are needing exactly 1000mb, use a universal cell to fill the machine. No extra then that you need to remove.

    Maybe put all the various alcohols through the distillery again and get out a straight "everclear" type alcohol that is usable as a fuel with a high GU. Different types of alcohol convert into various amounts of "everclear" depending on the original alcoholic content.

    If you ever have some sort of bio-reactor, the low alcoholic liquids would be a source for the necessary organic content.


    Bear, I forget which mod adds it, but one of them in your pack allows you to make soul sand using oil or lubricant and sand, but yes, we should have a way to use it within GT.


    Thanks Greg. Just saw the changes in the log.. Finally a use or glue and sawdust/wood pulp.

    I do agree with you that the power numbers on wine is either high, or ethanol is low. Compared to other real fuels, the power from ethanol is about right, so Greg, nerf wine.. way to much power from that as a fuel. :P

    Also, we need a sink of some sort for glue. Since you took over forestry processing of bee products, we need a way to do something with all the propolis. The latex can be made into rubber, so that is quite useful, but there are limited uses for glue. There is a limit to how many barrels and sticky pistons you actually need. Can you set up a way to use glue and sawdust to make one of those duraflame type "logs"? Maybe as a mixer recipe? It would give a way to use all the extra glue and sawdust that get created.

    Ok, I've been deathly Ill all week and am not quite over it yet... let's try this again, the way I had it originally, and the *correct* way:

    250L juice + 2 plant remains ferments to 375L of bio mass, a 1.5 ratio. 40L of biomass distills to 25L of bio-ethanol, or a 0.3 ratio. Multiply them together and you get a total ratio of 0.45 bio ethanol out for every 1L of juice in. Thus, it is better to just ferment the grape juice into 0.5L of wine and to hell with the remains.

    You are absolutely right. If you are looking strictly at power obtainable from the grapes, wine is your best bet. However, you still end up with the remains. Even though you *could* turn the grape juice into fruit juice instead, to make biomass, this isn't the best method. Instead, you take another liquid you have excess of like honey or honeydew (which cannot be turned into power otherwise), and use that to process the remains into biomass. 40L of biomass can be turn into 12L of ethanol at a cost of 384GU. Or, it can be turned into 24L of methane gas for the same cost. (BTW, how did you come up with 40L of biomass to 25L of bio-ethanol? I couldn't find this formula anywhere.)

    For easy math, I am going to assume starting with 200L of biomass (5 processes @ 384GU ea--1,920GU total).

    1L of Ethanol produces 144GU.
    5L of Methane Gas produces 384GU.

    Putting this all together gives:

    Ethanol - 5 x 12L = 60L * 144GU / 1L = 8640GU - 1920GU = 6,720GU net.

    Methane Gas - 5 x 24L = 120L * 384GU / 5L = 9216 GU - 1920GU = 7,296GU net.

    So, if you are processing remains, their best use is to convert into Methane Gas.

    Once you are sufficiently industrialized though, it is even better to convert the biomass into glycerol, then into glyceryl and add it to gasoline to convert to nitrofuel. You use a renewable resource to extend the supply by 25% and power output by 50% of a non-renewable resource.

    I seem to remember someone posting a nice setup to automatically light burning boxes to drive dynamos when energy stores get low, but can't find it now. I'm trying to figure out how to automate the fermenter and distillery to keep my tank of bio-ethanol full. Any ideas?

    Each piece of it isn't too terribly difficult. Making a system to integrate all the components is a bit more tricky.

    • To turn off the boiler, you have a block on a sticky piston be pushed in front of the burning box to cut off the air supply once the energy stored reaches a certain threshold.
    • To turn on the boiler, you need an igniter block. Set the battery box to output when receiving a redstone signal. This sends power to the igniter which lights the burning box. (Liquid or gas is best.)
    • You will have 2 sensors attached to your power storage. One to send the "full" signal to turn everything off, and a second to send the "need power" signal to start the ignitor.
    • <do some magic redstone logic connecting the pieces>
    • Profit!

    How do you handle the water output of the centrifuge when processing sluice juice? I have a drain set up in a river biome, so my pipe system is always full of water. I hate wasting resources needlessly, so I am looking for other options than voiding it. Is there a way I could turn the drain off? Then I could store water in a tank, and fill up from the river only when the water supply gets low.

    Greg, can you add the forestry recipes for the full wax capsules to the GT squeezer? I filled up a few chests with creosote from the coke oven as I didn't have enough steel for a tank, and now I have no easy way to empty the capsules back into a tank. The canning machine will supposedly do it, but it requires circuits.

    Yeah I was still not done with all the Binnie Recipes. And are you sure you dont have IHL installed or something? That Recipe looks like an IHL thing, what I will ofcourse support, but it would be nice for me to know. ^^

    I do have IHL, but the spruce wood to resin to wood polish chain is definitely from Extra Trees (Binne's mods)--It uses all forestry machines in the process chain. In previous versions of Binne's mods, there was also a recipe for sap (from all wood besides spruce), but since you couldn't really do anything with it other than burn it in a biogas engine @ 1MJ/tick, it was removed.


    One other recipe I found interesting. Rotarycraft adds its own bee to forestry. The slippery bee. It's comb output is slippery propolis. In the forestry squeezer (and GT squeezer), it produces 20 L of lubricant. In the GT centrifuge, the same propolis produces 150 L of lubricant. Quite a bit more. In total from 1 comb in the GT centrifuge (assuming you obtain the propolis), you receive 200 L of lubricant. This doesn't impact GT much as the only real use of lubricant is in the buzzsaw. Also considering how much lubricant you can get from a field of canola seeds, I'm not sure there is really much of balance issue, but I thought I would bring it to your attention in case this isn't intentional.

    I found a missing forestry extra trees recipe that didn't find its way over to the GT machines when you added limited support for Binnie's mods Spruce wood in the squeezer produces resin, which when run through the forestry still produces turpentine which is needed in a carpenter with bees wax to make wood polish which is used in the woodworker (extra trees) to craft various wood patterns used in decorations. Since you disable the forestry squeezer (as all other products are craftable using your machines), resin and its ultimate use as wood polish to fuel the woodworker is not obtainable.

    Can you please add in a method of creating wood polish? Thanks.

    My steam machines was breaking. Before today all was fine, buzzsaw and crusher was wokrng. Today I tried to add shreder. And all stop. I omly hear sound "not enough power". I disconnected all machines, decalcifyed boilers, add only one bronze turbine and buzzsaw. And they not working. Why? What did I wrong?

    The one thing I do notice is that your boilers are over pressure. This shouldn't happen if you are consuming all the steam you are producing. If the turbine will use all the output of both steam boilers, you need larger pipes on top of the boilers to give space for the backflow. You want to use the largest pipes at the boilers, and work smaller as you get towards the machines (making sure that the smallest pipes you use will carry the full output of the both boilers). If the steam in the pipes has more than one direction it can flow, you will generate backflow. You need larger pipes there to accommodate that. It's easiest if you pair one steam boiler directly to one machine. This setup gives only 1 place for the steam output to go, so you can safely use the smallest pipe that will accommodate the steam as no backflow can be created.

    This might be a minor bug. Or maybe it just works differently. Using a flint and tinder (made from iron nugget and flint) gives a clicking sound every time you try and light something weather or not it actually lights. Using a flint and steel (made from a steel nugget and flint) only gives the clicking sound upon a successful light. An unsuccessful attempt is completely silent.

    So uhhm, why exactly don't you breed Bees dedicated for making Honey? Also as far as I know, Honey Dew can also be used in an Analyzer, I didn't test that recently, but it was possible in the past. Honey Dew will continue to turn into a Honey Dew Fluid, I will not change that.

    Well Greg, you are right. I don't know how I missed this with using forestry for years, but honeydew drops work just as well with the beealyser. I always thought is was only honey drops that worked. Never mind entirely then. Forget my request entirely.. Forget it ever existed.. :whistling:

    On Forestry support, honeydew needs to be convertable into straight honey. In a forestry squeezer, both honey and honeydew produce the same amount of liquid honey. True, you do have recipes for most things for both honey and honeydew, but when needing to make scented paneling, the only method to do so is the forestry carpenter which only uses liquid honey. Not being able to use honeydew for this greatly increases the amount of time needed to get the honey. Because of all the honey drops needed for analyzing bees and trees, actual honey drops are in short supply. Right now, I only have 2-3 stacks of honey drops, but over a dozen stacks of honeydew despite most of my bees producing normal honey drops.

    I always thought that it was quite hilarious that by the time you could afford to make the fusion reactor, you didn't need to make the fusion reactor.

    I finally have enough tech to build a Centrifuge multiblock structure. But, I've come to an interesting speedbump: Neon Helium. Is there truly no other way to get neon other than the 1L from centrifuging Compressed Air Cans? This is quite the lengthy process as you only get 1L per can and I need 1L per Laser Emitter, which is then 8L to make the centrifuge. That's 8000 air cans. Right now, I'm chewing through them at 3.5 seconds per can, which is about 8 hours of game time, but I've tweaked config files for faster/shorter processing times. This seems a bit extreme. Is this intentional?


    The current recipe is a placeholder as Greg is still working on that section. It will eventually have some other sort of recipe that is much more realistic, but it's not in yet. Historically, there have always been recipes like this in GT. You either played chunkloaded on a server, or built a massively parallel system in order to accomplish the goal in a reasonable amount of time. Back in MC 1.4.7, it was getting chrome. It took a really long time to centrifuge redstone into chrome, and *all* the end game machines required chrome machine blocks which took a lot of chrome to build. I believe I had about a dozen centrifuges doing nothing but manufacturing chrome dust from redstone. The current recipe is likely easier than what will be in the future.. Many mods have helium coming from endstone (How else do you get floating islands?), so if Greg follows suit, you may have to defeat the dragon and mine out the whole end to create your lasers.. :P