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    The Portapack : 32EU/t, 3.2/5 Thorium based reactor, for your low voltage outpost power needs.

    Note: this could be arranged to get 33EU/t, with 1 less thorium cell (3.67/5) but then would no longer qualify for a LV supply (I use this to provide steam for my engines powering my oil wells).

    I liked this idea. You can power all kind of LV things with it. I tried making my own 32eu/tick reactor, then compared yours and mine, and figured out how to refine my design a bit. It still uses 10 thorium cells, but is a tiny bit better on the resources needed for the cooling. I tried all sorts of combinations, but couldn't find any combinations of fewer cells to generate exactly 32eu/tick without needing the resource hungry reflectors.


    The OP's Efficient Breeder charges 84 depleted cells per uranium cell. (84 depleted cells + 1 uranium cell) / 8 depleted cells per uranium = 10.625 uranium. Subtract off one recharged depleted cell to account for the uranium cell spent to run the reactor, and you get 83 uranium cells out of 10.625 uranium, or ~7.9 uranium cells per uranium.

    Your reactor charges 5 depleted cells per 3 uranium cells. By the same accounting, that translates to 2 uranium cells per uranium.

    That's the "loss", that you turn each piece of uranium into only 2 uranium cells, whereas hot breeder can come very close to the limit of 8 uranium cells per uranium ore. Whether that's *important* or not boils down to a playstyle preference, but the incredible efficiency of the hot breeders gives them a large appeal - a single, badly-managed cycle will still come out ahead in terms of efficiency, will still yield a mountain of uranium cells, and thus will allow you to run the reactor in 'power' (as opposed to 'breeder') mode more often, yielding better average EU output.

    That totally makes sense now. I have never seen it explained quite so well before in the posts I have read, and the wiki doesn't quite do it justice yet. Breeders have always seem to me counter (and a little bit of voodoo) to everything I've learned when running nuclear reactors. I don't think it is possible then to have a semi-efficient 0 chamber breeder (can't get the temp high enough). I will try to see if I can come up with one that works a bit better though. Thanks for the post. I have learned more from this than the 9 previous pages. Thanks.

    Shouldn't I get one set of cells from a completely cold breeder? It's true I won't get multiple sets as in some of the hot breeders, but I don't have to manage it either. I collect the recharged cells at the end of a full cycle. It takes 10,000 pulses to recharge a depleted cell, and that is one full cycle. I don't understand how you would say that the breeder is useless and I would lose too many uranium. When in the breeder configuration, it should produce more than it uses each cycle.

    Here are some base reactor designs I came up with. Base reactor, no extra chambers:

    I like these designs as I don't need to build multiple chambers, and the only changes are to the cell layout which you have to change manually each reactor cycle anyways.

    Breeder configuration: Uses 3 cells, and produces 5 cells. 35/eu 2.33/4 eff.

    Normal running configuration: Uses 6 cells. 70/eu 2.33/2.33 eff.

    Bump the EU using a single neutron plate/heavy plate in top center. 6 cells, 80/eu 2.67/2.67 eff.

    The bug does still exist. I had tin running from solar panels to a batbox. I removed the tin lines, and installed an MFE up near the solar panels where the tin line ran. As soon as the MFE was placed, the ghost tin cables that ran to the batbox and the batbox itself started exploding endlessly. I had to quit the game and reload the world to get it to stop. 1.3.2 with 1.106 of IC2.