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    You don't understand, the cool part wouldn't be just getting to new worlds, it would be the process to get stuff working for space travelling, meeting new life forms, the possibility to look outside your spacecraft, looking awsome planets, researching different elements, making routes for stuff you see in the sky. Also, the travelling with Mystcraft is too momentary, space travel should take a really long time.
    Ps.: Sorry for reviving this post.

    I know that it is not the central idea of IC, neither a thing that can be done easily, but it is an idea that can hardly be done by any other team and a thing that I always dreamed of in Minecraft.

    We could be able to explore outer space by means we know that are possible in our reality, like visiting the moon with moved by usual fuel. Or even with things that might be possible, like using anti-matter, íons, etc as fuel. Or like bending the space-time.

    There could be means even to find out hospitable planets, with life forms in it.

    Well, I know that this suggestion probably won't be considered, at least for a near version, but I would wait any time you need to do this. :)