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    Really awesome Update, SeNtiMeL! Gonna use the GraviTool very often!

    @bove Since you seem to hate IC2, why are you here and not on the Buildcrash Forum!

    who said I hate IC2? I just think it never gets updated to get new stuff like TE, thaumcraft, MPS, etc.

    neither I said I love buildcraft, but at least has more useful stuff, gets updated every time with more new items, and does not have cretins making plugins to nerf everything like IC2 was EE1

    Yeah but then as soon as the MFSU gives energy to my machines the generator will turn on again.
    Also if I choose: send redstone when empty, then I whould have to use a lever (manually) when it gets full
    There should be a way to choose in batbox/MFSU etc. a redstone signal: send when full until gets empty (so it gets filled up and then the reactor turns off, until the MFSU is empty)

    I forgot to say, I'm in 1.2.5, I have buildcraft, redpower, equivalent exchange, industrialcraft 2 and I just installed the nuclear control addon, now how I can set it up?
    Also the state cell won't work since the time is always changing (sometimes needs to use more EU sometimes less)

    So, I have a nuclear reactor, connected to a MFSU, to my machines, everything goes perfect, now, I want the reactor to turn off when the MFSU gets filled, but I don't want the reactor to turn on until the MFSU is empty (or almost empty), I know a reactor turns off if it receives a redstone power, since the MFSU can send redstone power, I want to know if I need to do a complicated redstone logic gate, or something. Sorry if this has been posted before, I'm new here :D