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    Wher this line ??? when i uninstall advanced solar panels i have error with forestry , eh sorry but advanced solar panels and foresry i like better

    Like ChickenBones said:
    Logs or it didn't happen.

    hm ? :(

    omg "F" i try "ctrl" and "ic switch mode" and nothing :D hehe this is not quntum suite :D because quntum suite now integration with jetpack
    EDIT: now fly have few tiers 1 tier fuel jetpack , 2 tier electric jetpack, 3 tier advanced electric jetpack , 4 tier advanced nano chest plate, 5 tier quantum suite , 6 tier flying ring (energy manipulation mod) , 7 tier qravi chest plate :D
    I have suggest maybe add too jetpack for gravi chest plate , this is 7 tier :D mode jetpack , he should use less energy :D

    mak , ooooops :D

    EDIT: OK I repaired this :D
    EDIT 2 : Haven't day without crash :S
    EDIT 3: Multicore Solar have a fancy texture :D

    @matlapalate if you dont like overpower mods , dont use these , simple :D Very much people like Myscraft and symbols , "all world diamond ore" , "all world gold ore" , "all world iron ore" , I dont like very op mods (like style Mystcraft, Computercraft , Energy Manipulation - old EE2 ) and have not problems with op mods, but I dont like nerfed mods (gregtech)

    greg , ae cable is no important on this screen , but yes ae cable must be connect with controler,
    Sirius king yes, I want use very much overclockers,
    maybe word optimal is no good,