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    I'm not sure whether completing a foreign pre-defined story would work out well...
    A friend of mine already tried to push me into writing a dual-story (two authors writing chapters individually), but we didn't make it past the first few pages...

    Its not like dual story writing.
    Only if you need some inspiration about a new world and stuff.
    I'm not working on it anymore and also not planning on doing it in the future but maybe its usfull for your new story?

    If you need a story, I got one that you can write from your point of view :)
    I'm not much of a writer and I never finished the story.
    This was in my high school years.
    The imagination was there but I didnt had the motivation to write.

    I have the plot, characters, race's, world, religion, magic style.
    Its a 3 part story like lord of the rings.

    If you are interested I can give/help you with it.
    Maybe you can give a nice twist to it and it can become a good story.

    Btw I'm a big fan of TDC. Love the story.