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    Long time lurker etc, etc, first time I actually have the feeling it would be worth to post something so I made an account.
    As a private server owner for a few friends of mine I run 3 servers 2 of which contain IC2, (one vanilla) and Ic2 is basicly the core of all the mods together.
    As a core of most mods you kind of expect it to be well updated and kept up, but if you only want to code whenever you want to, you should think about getting other people in on the job aswell, and not be as selfish to be like well its my mod and I am the only one who can take credit on this etc etc, since from the point that I see it, your just doing this for the amazing fanboys you are getting which well, is amazing since they'll back you up in everything you do, even in this thread that is noticeble, people who are reasonable and the people that are fanboys.

    For the greater good of the mod, I think you either need to get going with it, or hire/let in some other mod developer since Im sure ALOT of great mod developers would like to help/get going with an already well established mod, giving you less work, and make the community happier.

    Also, you shouldn't work on new stuff when your old stuff is broken like the new reactor changes it's just not nessecary, I'd rather have a bugfree version then have a new nuclear reactor system with 100's of other bugs.