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    You need to customize your NEI config (similar to a mod plugin for NEI) if you want them to show up. You can see the recipes nontheless by looking for Macerator/Extractor/Compressor/Advanced Machine Block Usages

    okay thanks atomic :D

    Edit: just tried to edit the NEISubset by adding IC2.AdvanceMachines = [188],[188:1-2] and it only displayed the macerator.

    not sure if its your end or CB's but the singularity compressor and the centrifuge extractor aren't showing up in NEI. Nor do they appear in standard creative mode. I used the search function and browsed the tabs. (I could have missed it in the tabs through.)

    current CC 64
    ic2 1.107.35
    4.2 advance machinces

    Edit: I can make them but this is just letting you know.

    I dont want to come across as an ass but here are my thoughts.(Ban me if you feel like it) I feel as if Kane came across more aggressive than he meant to, due to frustration. As a player, I understand where Kane is coming from where he would like some communication between devs and the community but he did it in the wrong way. I do agree that the communication is an important aspect of creating such a poplar mod. But YOU, Kane, must understand like alblaka said programmers do things because they want to. Many of them receive no income from modding minecraft it is for fun and to enhance what "THEY WANT TO DO" not to please a massive amounts of gamers. It would be nice for the dev to allow people to access their beta so more bugs are found in a quicker time period is helpful but the excessive amount complaints and non-bugs being report can cause annoyance among the devs. But as this helps the devs recognizes bugs it doesnt help with the time it takes to fix certain bugs. The solution I believe that will help with part of this is to copy xcompwiz's example by extending the ability to beta test through the reporting of legitimate bugs and having many of them. Thank you to the devs for their work but some interaction with the community on the forums will up with such things. Interactions like the creation of a thread that has a complied list of bugs that have been tested thoroughly and don't work and update the status if fixed on next update. I do see richardG around saying if it is fixed but you typically have to search the bugs forum to find what is fixed or not. Kane does have a point about opening up IC2 to git or a similar website due to the fact that it allows for pulls that could help richardG and player catch bugs and add good additions/ideas to help ic2. But our opinions really mean nothing. It is what albaka decides to do with IC2. He has the final decision on anything. 1.3 broke many old codes so in theory we could still be waiting on a release for ic2. I could rant for longer(this long than my essay atm for English lols) than this but wont. Please don't hesitate to criticize me.