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    Personally, I think that people like Kane and the other flamers and hatemongers on this thread need to just sit back, chill, go to a spa, go take a relaxing stroll, or something. This is just to ridiculous, you people are getting this upset over a game. You are acting like 1st graders fighting over crayons, no worse, I've seen better behaved 1st graders. You're like that third period that a girl goes through; enough times that your sick and tired of it but such little understanding of why. You have to realize that not everybody is an average obese American that doesn't mind the thought of dying in front of a computer. (I am a overweight American so don't you even flame me on that) Give some common respect to the dev-team and Alblaka.

    Alblaka, as my first post I'd like to thank you for your and your dev-team's work on this mod. I'd also like to say that I agree with you that making this opensource would be making an open sore for you somewhere down the line. It is in your best interest to keep this accomplished mod code to the team that is working on it.
    However, there must be made a middle path. At the point at which I believe this has come, it is my opinion that there (if to be good relations between you and your mod's users) must be some allowances toward more updated posts. Personally, I am fine with that update being about Hatsune Miku or your E-Book decisions and information about your book. But there must also be updates stating the nature of the current state of development on IC2.
    I believe that if you do in fact have PR personnel that you should, indeed, look for better staffing in that position. PR meaning public relations, you should not have needed to concern yourself with this matter your PR staff should have monitored this and coordinated with you on a reply rather than you having to take time out of your day to end up hearing such hurtful bull ka-ka as what was stated in the video concerning your works of literary art.
    To sum up...
    1.) Do not make IC2 opensource (it causes opensores)
    2.) Do update more and release development statuses about what is currently being focused on.
    3.) Reconsider your staffing as far as PR is concerned. If you do not have PR staff, get appropriate people to take the spot (not devs or testers but dedicated PR staff)
    4.) Have a great weekend.