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    I have the same problem as gknova6 with information panels, I added a sensor card it in and nothing shows up. Another information panel I had previous to the update is still displaying text but it won't update anymore and if I remove the information panel the text stays in the air. In short, information panels don't work anymore.

    I have a .com with one of the best host in the world, plenty of space and unlimited traffic for 5$ a month. I can cover that without putting annoying ads on it.

    A couple of months ago I asked about why there was zero information on the situation and I got banned by a mod that somehow read I was asking for a release date. I was then banned again for reason and I quote: "Don't make me start looking into the stuff I just had an exam about...". So yeah, that gave me the feeling of a very immature and childish administration that gives zero fuck about his supporters. That + the lack of information about what is going on kinda turned me off a lot. I ran the biggest website of a community of one of the biggest MMOs out there and it could take me like 2min, or even seconds if there was no image, to post an update on the main page so I don't see what was the problem here. As that guy in the video said, communication is probably an area where this project should be improved but to be honest it did improve after my posts.