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    I find it interesting how so many people seem to think that it's their right to have regular, perfect updates that bring what they want, and how just as many people seem to think they have better ideas than the people who have actually gone out and executed them.

    I find it interesting how resistant people are to suggestions and requests, and how some people hate any idea that didn't come from the devs themselves. When devs listen to comments like this projects die, because it turns out that like everyone else in the world devs aren't perfect and sometimes need constructive criticism.

    Also, the ability to have good ideas and the ability to code are not synonymous.

    However, some modders sort of overdo it and spam 20-parted downloads to get more AdFly revenue.

    Which I'm pretty sure is against the terms of service for sites like that. I wonder if anyone has ever tried reporting RP/BC for gameing the paid-redirect services (I have not, I'm just curious).


    "How to restrict write access to the source in a way that only those who really contribute have it?"

    There seems to be some confusion about this point, but restricted write access is the default state for most open source projects/tools (github included). Open source is not a synonym for anarchy, it just means anyone can read it. You still have full control over who contributes and/or what gets contributed (unless you're really, err, trusting).

    Lets see if I can express my opinion clearly, despite being pumped full of cold meds.
    You have a wonderful mod here, but it looks like you're having a bit of trouble dealing with how massive it has become. Turning something you love into a job is never as fun as it sounds, and that's basically what you would have to do in order to keep up with the demands of the community on your own; but it looks like you might be realizing this.

    IC2 is not about to die, there are just too many people interested in it. But in the same respect, I urge you to consider options that might help it grow even more. In some ways stagnation is worse then death... So to that end I hope you really will seriously consider open-sourcing your project. I know it's hard to let something you created go, but look at this community; there is a huge number of people who love IC dearly and want to see it thrive. There's also a huge number of ass-hats, but it's the good dedicated people that are important. I suspect what you are feeling is something that's felt by almost every business owner when they decide to create a public corporation. Like going public, going open-source means a loss of control, it becomes the public's (or stockholders in the case of a corporation) property. That's scary, but it also allows the project to grow far beyond the capability of any single person.

    It also doesn't need to be a complete loss of control, even open-source projects need guidance. You would still be able to vet changes before adding them to the maser source branch, but you could offload so much work to the community. Surely you see the advantages of letting others deal with the boring parts of your project, like fixing bugs, while you, or someone you trust, manage the direction of your masterpiece?

    IC will always be your creation, nothing is going to change that. All I'm asking is that you let the community help you.