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    Next to that, it doesn't give any power. You won't get errors if you install it next to ic 2 110, but they simply don't work.

    After some more testing, it seems I was wrong. They do give power.

    Using the wrench though, still gives te same result.

    So it can be used, just be carefull with your wrench :)

    Kane cheers for the beta downloads. They do work on sp, but not on smp. I get an error that it can't get its own version or something like that. And when you try to connect it won't recognize the client version (using the same version).

    Hope CPW will fix that soon, because its the only mod I am waiting for to get to 1.42 with the server.

    Ello Al,

    I am probably one of those lurkers, who read a lot, but mostly doesn't react.
    Why? Because mostly there isn't a need to react.

    This time though, before I am going to bed I stumbled after my update round on the mods on this topic. And instead of going to bed, I first wanted to reply a bit.

    (Lot of mixed feelings about the video and how it is presented. Had a lot of text about it.. but a tldr is way better. The thought was well, but the presentation of it... almost missed its goal. It could almost been seen as an attack or as an hater wining about his lost toy. I see Kane bouncing around on IRC and more places. He is worried and that frustrates him, so I keep it at that.)

    About the issues. I as a server owner myself (a small modded server I run from home for a small group of friends) love to see bugs fixed. I do like an update now and then. But, I don't like daily updates. Why because it can be an hell to implement updates. First you need to see if it works on the server with all those other mods. Second you need to make sure your playerbase updates to. I love running a server, and want to have this as stable as possible. But to have to patch up the server every day is a total different story. More so because its not only server side.

    About bugs.. They can be annoying, but as far as they are known and don't melt the server, I can live with that. Minecraft itself is not the most stable piece of software. Next to that, somehow Mojang think its good to update the game every 6 to 8 weeks. Which doesn't make the live easy for the modders, but also for the modded playerbase.

    About communication. Hey thats a big word. People go to school for that and even they can't do it perfectly. Keep in mind we are not talking about a company here. They have grown to a semi professional group who brings us one of the greater mods. Still men cannot expect from them that they communicate to us like bigger real company's do. They don't even make a living from this. So every way they do communicate is a plus. And they do communicate.

    I do think though that a lot of people expect more. As far as we don't pay them for the mod, we don't buy the mod from them, we have absolutely no rights over the mod. That means we don't have any right about communication or what so ever. We are allowed to play it. We are allowed to post bugs. But that is still no right in this case. A lot of people seem to forget that as it seems. Especially if such mod becomes popular and good. Expectations start to grow, and people will see it as a right to make demands and stuff. The start of those expectations lays with the passion which the playerbase has about those mods. So it is understandable that those expectations start to grow.

    Still it is something what a couple of strangers are making for free. They like to do it and the players like to play it. Though it stays something we get for free and in the passion for the mods people tend to forget that.

    Keep up the good work. And yes bugs are bad and I wouldn't mind that they are resolved. But I am not going to demand it. And yes I also get worried when I hear nothing for a long time. Still that doesn't give me the right to demand or rant about "bad" communication.

    Last but not least. How I see the current modding community. It is a good time for modding. The Pahicraft/Forgecraft is a good example of this. The modmakers talk to each other. Mostly behind screens as it seems, but a lot is going on. Sometimes we hear stuff about it, mostly not. And see it this way. What you don't know, can not influence your expectation. At least it shouldn't.

    Hope this wall of text is readable as English isn't my first language.