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    I can't seem to pick up lava with a bucket. Im not sure if this is a bug or a class specific ability and no one on medievalrage seems to know either. If it is a class specific ability, Im assuming siege mechanic or miner, please post it in the descriptions of each class on the wiki. Thank you!

    Suggestion: Class mechanics tweak

    Descrition: Create more scenarios in which players can gain levels in a certain class. For example: make the cement of castle floors deteriorate after being walked on so that builders can re-trowel it. Also I think that at lvl 100 master classes can get an artisan bonus which means that all of their crafting recipes are doubled, or class specific abilities are enhanced, maybe miners can double ores or warriors get a larger range or something like that. This would not change the current main profession/secondary profession set-up. I feel like leveling a character from 1-10 in some classes is very difficult because of the small range of class specific tasks. For example, leveling alchemy is difficult because in order to do so you must pick several flowers and mushrooms which are difficult to find. Alchemists should be able to transmute items into other ones, I have not yet thought of good recipes for this. I feel like alchemy is a majorly important economic class and it should have a few more high level products, temporary invisibility, and temporary invulnerability. Both of these would last like ten seconds but come with side effects, like movement speed reduction, or debuffs from using other pots. Alchemists could also have the ability to enchant weapons or armor.

    On a side note I feel that there is a lot of confusion as to what to do to level what class among the players. It would be very helpful if descriptions of how to level each class and all the leveling methods were public <--- and Im not speaking java :) Anyways I know this a bit of a long post so thanks for reading.