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    If you are talking about it freezing on 1.4.2, This actually isn't an issue with IC2 but with Tree Capitator.Remove Tree Capitator from your mods directory and you will find that IC2 starts working again.
    I don't have this issue on all computers (computers with 64bit and enough ram), but it seems on Windows XP with Java 7, Tree Capitator doesn't play nice with memory hungry mods and causes Java to freeze completely.
    If you run minecraft out to java console, you will find that it freezes on a mod loading resources after Tree Capitator is loaded.
    I know it sucks, but there are OTHER tree mods out there. I even made my own tree chopping mod to bypass the freezing TreeCapitator was causing with other mods.

    Hope this helps you.


    i'm having game freezes (from 1 to 10 seconds) while having the nano saber activated. The game defreezes enough time so the nano saber does it's "activated" animation and then the game freezes again...

    Strange thing is that i've been able to kill some mobs before any of this started to happen.
    When i've managed to exit and enter the level again (no minecraft restart) the freezing issue still happens, but the animation is not playing (maybe it's not the animation? :huh: ). Exiting minecraft and entering again made the issue disappear, though.

    When the issue starts it doesn't end until you exit the game, so maybe it's not nano saber related...

    This is really not an IC2 issue. I know the issue you talk of very well and it's a memory issue related to Minecraft/Java.
    Basically, what's going on is this. Minecraft has used up all it's available resources and is now trying to cache on your hard drive. When it starts "freezing", pop open task manager and notice the memory javaw.exe is taking up (assuming you're using windows) It's probably around 1800mb at this point. You will also notice your pagefile is growing like mad man. Services.exe will also start spiking CPU.
    It doesn't matter how much system memory you have, Java doesn't seem to care too much about that unless you setup your memory allowances in Java. Also check your system logs after the freezing issues occur, you will notice (if you have nVIdia anyway) that it will be reporting OpenGL memory allocation issues.

    I know you may be thinking that you haven't had this issue BEFORE installing the mod or maybe even the updated mod. IT doesn't really matter. Using mods, especially with the new Forge ModLoader seems to allocate a lot more memory than before. Not everyone is going to experience this issue. But if you are running a slightly lower end PC, don't have Java setup to work with over 2GIG ram, and you are running a budget video card (with less than 2GIG VRAM), this issue will creep up once in a blue moon. Closing minecraft and restarting it will ALWAYS clear the issue up because your memory dumps.