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    I am afraid that if I do not respond my position will be drowned out by the self-entitled.

    I am a server owner and I feel like we need to look at the end game here. The fundamental ideal is to have fun with the game or even have fun with one's friends. At any stage of development, of any mod, or stage of Minecraft vanilla; it will never be complete. It will never be done. There will always be bugs some crippling, some so small they are not perceptible. We, at my server, can handle that. We have fun regardless of the state of our server or mods. No bug is going to take that away from us. I feel sorry that Alba has to deal with this. I want to suggest the following for the IC2 users.

    • Have fun with what you have.
    • Be patient.
    • Hug your mother, father, and whoever else you haven't since you started playing Minecraft.

    Supportive of Alba,