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    Replied to the thread Mods.
    I'm assuming you want mostly tech mods. Some mods I would suggest:
    • EnderIO
    • Immersive Engineering
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Actually Additions
    • Mekanism
  • TheBlueCreeper78

    Replied to the thread RTG Energy output in config.
    Ah. Is this in IC2.cfg or IC2.ini? I still can't understand which of these two files is the config, or if they both are configs.
  • TheBlueCreeper78

    Posted the thread RTG Energy output in config.
    I know you can change base energy outputs for generators in IC2.cfg (the config), but the names of the generators are kind of hard to understand.

    I'm specifically looking for the RTG generator option, and I don't know which one it is. Any help would be…
  • TheBlueCreeper78

    Replied to the thread Partially filled Cells.
    That's because the recipe for compressed air cell is coded to take universal fluid cells, not partially full air cells. To empty the cell, throw it into a blast furnace with space for air and it should dump all the air out.
  • TheBlueCreeper78

    Replied to the thread Without pipes :(.
    You can just put them next to each other, put ejector upgrades into both, and put 6 universal fluid cells into the compressor, and it accomplishes the same effect.
  • (Quote from Chocohead)

    The thing is, the other mod I play with also doesn't generate silver ore, and the amount of uses for silver in that mod is about the same as the amount of uses for bronze in IC2. The only way to get silver in my other mod is from…
  • Okay, I've never used MOX fuel properly, just because I really don't like having any risk of reactor meltdowns, and can't be bothered to make that much reinforced stone to put around the reactor.

    Also, if any of my other suggestions are stupid because…
  • TheBlueCreeper78

    Replied to the thread Heavy water.
    Okay, thanks! So I'm assuming it's useless right now, but they'll add uses for it in the reactors.
  • TheBlueCreeper78

    Posted the thread Heavy water.
    This may be a stupid question but... How do you make heavy water and what is it used for? Thanks.

    EDIT: So no one's answering my question :( , but if anyone happens to know that heavy water is useless and can't be made, that would be helpful too.