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    I'm assuming you want mostly tech mods. Some mods I would suggest:

    • EnderIO
    • Immersive Engineering
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Actually Additions
    • Mekanism

    I know you can change base energy outputs for generators in IC2.cfg (the config), but the names of the generators are kind of hard to understand.

    I'm specifically looking for the RTG generator option, and I don't know which one it is. Any help would be appreciated.

    That's because the recipe for compressed air cell is coded to take universal fluid cells, not partially full air cells. To empty the cell, throw it into a blast furnace with space for air and it should dump all the air out.

    If you're in the situation where you have any other mods that need more silver, chances are they generate silver ore and their ores can be used with IC2 without any additional changes.

    The thing is, the other mod I play with also doesn't generate silver ore, and the amount of uses for silver in that mod is about the same as the amount of uses for bronze in IC2. The only way to get silver in my other mod is from mob loot, so I just wished one of my mods generate silver ore.

    Okay, I've never used MOX fuel properly, just because I really don't like having any risk of reactor meltdowns, and can't be bothered to make that much reinforced stone to put around the reactor.

    Also, if any of my other suggestions are stupid because I'm completely wrong, please let me know!

    P.S. what's that block in the 2nd slot of the 1st row of your inventory? I've never seen it.

    Okay... so here's some suggestions regarding ores and resources:

    Suggestion Topic: Silver Ore

    So right now, silver is made from centrifuging gold. It would be nice if it was actually generated as ore. I'm not sure if silver ores have been suggested and rejected before, but if they have, a reason for why would be nice.

    Suggestion Topic: Electrum

    Apparently, electrum is a real alloy of gold and silver. It also naturally appears in the real world. It could be used for cables, perhaps same tier as gold and slightly less lossage, since it's a good material for wires in the real world. (citation needed) It could be generated as ore or crafted with silver and gold dust, perhaps 1+1 or 3+1 like bronze.

    Suggestion Topic: Uranium

    Right now, doing the full ore processing for uranium ultimately yields 6 uranium 238 + 1 uranium 235. It would be nice if there would more 235, and maybe even at the cost of less 238. Because now the unbalanced ratio of 1:6 causes a lot of 238 to be left over in crafting enriched fuel, and the leftovers just get thrown in a chest and forgotten about.

    Suggestion Topic: Stone Dust

    Stone dust is something you get from ore washing and use for CF foam (probably that's the only use). It would be nice if compressing 4-9 stone dusts gives one block of smooth/regular stone. As some one who basically only uses CF for reinforced stone, all of my stone dust either gets thrown into a recycler or sits in a chest.

    So that's it for now, I might add more suggestions if I think of any.

    This may be a stupid question but... How do you make heavy water and what is it used for? Thanks.

    EDIT: So no one's answering my question :( , but if anyone happens to know that heavy water is useless and can't be made, that would be helpful too.