Lightning Dangers, and Protection from said Lightning

  • Currently, lightning does not explode machines and fry entire energy-networks, in IC2. This does not make sense, because lightning is electrical energy in huge, dangerous quantities.

    Why not add a feature, where when machines/cables explode when they get hit by lightning? This could also send huge EU-packets down the power lines in all directions, for a more network-frying effect. Why do this? To inspire people to put roofs over their machines, of course!
    Machines could also "attract" more lightning depending on how much energy they are storing/transmitting/using, that goes for cables too. But nothing that would eat too much CPU/RAM, of course, because that would be bad, of course.
    This would also have the same effect on solar panels - they would explode and send super-high voltage packets down the energy-lines if they are struck with lightning. So what can a player do to stop that from happening?

    They can build an N.S.E.D.D.P. (Natural Static Electric Discharge Diversion Pole - NOT A LIGHTNING ROD!), that's what! This would be a tall pole of iron fences, connected to the ground (large area of dirt). This would protect all machines in a radius equal to the height of the NSEDDP pole down to the Y-level the machine is on.
    When a lightning strike is about to be initiated on an IC2 machine, it checks in a 64-block radius of the chosen strike-point for an NSEDDP. If one is found, the height of the pole from the top down to the Y-level of the machine is calculated. If the machine is this number or less block away, lightning strikes the NSEDDP instead. If one is not found, or it is too far away, the lightning progresses to strike the machine and destroy it and everything connected to it.

    We all know that n00bs would want to connect this to their machines, to harvest the energy of lightning. But, since the lightning has such immense power, this would simply result in the same spectacular shower of sparks and shrapnel, that occurs when a machine/cable is struck with lightning. It would simply be impossible to collect the energy, and the n00bs who would try that, will learn that the hard way.

    Opinions, anyone?

  • I like it, +1

    Maybe the pole should destroy itself after 3 uses?

  • I like it, +1

    Maybe the pole should destroy itself after 3 uses?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    To protect a large solar array, it would have to be really tall and require lots of Iron to construct. Also, the pole is 1/4th of a meter thick - it should be able to handle the heat, especially with all of that wind/cold water around it. It also wouldn't be getting hit enough to cause significant damage.
    However, for balance the developers could make it be destroyed after X uses, like vanilla anvils. Such protection from lightning should probably cost more than just some iron, and should not be set-and-forget.
    Instead of having to decide between the two, we could get the developers to create a Configuration option, for the number of times it can be hit before being destroyed (-1 for infinite). This would be better for everyone, because it can be configured to be harder, or easier, at the will of the configurer.

  • I agree! Although I think greg's wires would be able to handle the energy if it isn't high enough...

    You know the vanilla minecraft Bedrock? It has a hardness of -1, which is handled differently by the game, and ensures that it will never break.
    So why not do this with the energy from Lightning? We make it's energy-(packet?)-size -1, then make the game destroy the stuff if there is a -1-energy-(packet?).
    Then it won't have to be high enough, and if Greg's machines somehow accept the voltage, it would subtract 1 EU from any storage, instead of be productive.