Suggestion: Rubber Tree Terraforming Blueprint

  • Wouldn't it be cool to create a blueprint specifically designed to create rubber trees. It would make getting rubber more efficient later in the game. My proposed recipe would no be cheap by any means though, for it would require 8 rubber tree saplings. The result would be a large pocket of densely spaced rubber trees.

    S S S
    S T S
    S S S
    (S=Rubber tree sapling; T=empty TFBP)

    best of luck

  • Actually, I'd prefer a system where you tell the transformer which plant to plant. Instead of the current randomness.

    Maybe a blueprint for each plant.

    Automated wheat farm anyone?

  • Automated farming already exist (it's a mod, google it :) ), so you could send a PM to the creator of this mod to see if we can make an automated rubber tree farmer (I don't know if this mod use the forge API ...)

    Edit: It's AutoFarm ! This is the link to the official thread : Link

  • yea I only wanted the ability to farm rubber trees more efficiently after providing lots of time and maybe a couple hundred k eu into the teraformer. That is something i don't think the rainbow cacti mod provides

  • Ok, time out. 8 rubber tree saplings? That's enough for your own small grove of rubber trees adequate enough to supply you with several stacks of rubber if you have the patience to just plant them. The terraformer should only be used to change the biome the blueprints we currently have are adequate for making forested areas where rubber trees can spawn.

    However if rubber trees don't randomly spawn in the irrigation or cultivation setting I think it should be added. Plants are plants.