[Request] Permission to clone a few IC2 machines to work with the UE API.

  • Not entirely sure this is the correct forum section to post this, but it seems to be the most appropriate in comparison to others.

    I'm starting a modpack and there's a small hole in it that the IC2 reactor and miner would fill nicely (maybe the MF too, not sure yet). I'd like permission to make a small mod directly copying those and using the UE API for power management, and not having any other part of IC2 with it as they aren't needed (I'll likely come up with my own recipes using UE parts). I have no intention of claiming this work as my own (like, what would I gain from a mod that is clearly IC2 reactors without all the other things?) and intend to give full credit to the IC2 team if I'm allowed to do this.

    Preferably I'd also like to be able to use textures directly from IC2 for the block textures and the items associated with these blocks (internal reactor components, scanners, mining pipe, drills), but that isn't too mandatory. It would make reactor internal design quite a bit easier for those familiar with it, though. Access to the source code so that I can remove pretty much anything that isn't what I want would be fantastic, as that would save me a lot of time doing this (and ensure the reactor planner is compatible with it for end-users' convenience), but I could try to do without if that's an issue.

    I would appreciate a quick reply for this, even if it's just acknowledging that I've requested this, so I know I'm not waiting for a reply I may not end up getting.