• Im using IC2 experimental, v. 2.1.470. I'm trying to use coalfuel in the generators, but could not fill fuel cans with coalfuel cells. I tired searching this forum for a solution but didnt really find a thread addressing this issue. However, I do see that build 499 includes a change that it "removes useless items (like fuel can)". Does this mean that there is now some new way to utilize coalfuel or has coalfuel been eliminated altogether? If coalfuel still exists as a fuel, please let me know how it can be used.

    I know im running an older build (470). I can install the latest build, but im a little wary of doing so because of past experiences with my old worlds getting all messed up cos of the addition of new mods or attempts to upgrade mods. Nonetheless, I am willing to risk it if neccesary. Let me know if I can exploit coalfuel in build 470 itself or if I need to upgrade to be able to use coalfuel in generators (if doing so is possible, and if it is, then again please let me know how)

    UPDATE: I see people have asked about what to do with coalfuel cells before, around march of this year. At that time, they were told that the mechanics of the fuel cells were being reworked. Can anyone let me know if and how any recent builds may have addressed coalfuel cell mechanics?

  • So far as I can tell, there is no use for coalfuel yet. The "new" fuel cells are probably ic2biogas, which can be used to fuel a jetpack