Installation Video for FastCraft (informational to help those with FPS issues on the DireWolf20 pack)

  • I made a video not long ago, and the number of views already is insane. Seems like everyone is searching for a fastcraft install video due to the DireWolf20 pack running so much better from it. Even fixed things for me, my fps improved, as did my chunk loading. Smoothed out my entire game, so I figure I might as well help out those on here who keep asking questions around the fastcraft topic.

    (I understand this isn't exactly related 100% directly to IC2 itself, so if I have put this in the wrong spot, sorry about that, and any mod simply remove or move it to the proper spot. I just wanna try to help those who seem to be searching for a decent quality and easy to follow video off of the IC2 site.) :)