Wind Mills in non-rainy areas (Savannas, Deserts, etc)

  • Just a quick question concerning windmills and their Power bonuses in inclement weather; do they still get the bonuses in non-rainy areas, such as savannas and deserts? Always looked to me like weather was a universal variable (no matter where you were in the world, it was the same weather everywhere), but is the rain just a visual effect, done away with in non-rainy areas, or does it signify something in particular, especially concerning energy generation by Wind Mills in savannas/deserts?

    TL;DR version: Do non-rainy areas affect the bonuses given to Wind Mills during inclement weather?

    P.S. This may sound pedantic, but can we change the name from Wind Mill to Wind Turbine? it's an energy turbine, not a wheat mill.

    EDIT: So apparently we're not using Wind Mills at all anymore; but the kinetic wind generators appear to get the same kU generation bonuses from inclement weather; does operating a kinetic wind generator in a non-rainy area affect it's operation?

    Also, can I take back my pedantic comment? :S