(Yet another) Kinetic Steam Generator inquiry

  • Bear with me; I haven't asked a question in the ic2 area before. If this is in the wrong place, please move it or let me know and I'll recreate it as appropriate.

    I've assigned myself the task of trying to figure out IC2 Kinetic Steam Generator power. Specifically, I want to see if I can generate power from ic2 biogas.

    Here's my crap arrangement using my skills at fumbling, youtube, google and straw-drawing:

    4 Liquid Heat Generators with Biogas, generating 4x32 hU/t, oriented red dot towards Steam Generator
    1 Steam Generator (technically a boiler) presently accepting 128 hu/t and distilled water
    .....valve set to 1 mb/t water throughput
    .....pressure set to 62 bar (seems to be a sweet spot for 128 hu/t)
    .....temperature steady at 177.0C
    Fluid Conduit (Ender IO) presently conveying steam out of Steam Generator
    1 Kinetic Steam Generator accepting steam, creating flickering kinetic power (to be consumed with a Kinetic Generator)
    .....flickering at 199ku/200kU
    .....complaining about condensation on turbine (happens as soon as you install turbine, even no fluids coming in yet)
    .....has a fluid ejector upgrade (shouldn't be necessary due to fluid conduits actively pulling liquids out)
    1 Kinetic Generator creating 50 eu/t

    I'm getting tons of steam explosions.

    Can someone explain where my error is? Feel free to suggest efficiency improvements if I want to get more about of my biogas, but I'm primarily interested in fixing the system.

  • I understand why that would be important for a closed cycle, but why is it important for testing? Am I failing to extract a liquid that only a condensator can extract?

  • I'll be damned. Thanks as usual Spwnx.

    Technically its a "Condensor", the "Condensator" being a nuclear gidget I think.

    The steam explosions seem gone. Power is steady at 50 eu/t, although the kU/t flickers down to 199 sometimes (I don't think I care)

    The top left of the condensor gui seems to imply that it wants power, but is working fine without any.

    Do you have any particular advice how I might improve the efficiency of this setup? I've seen references to superheated steam: is that something I should look into? I gather I'd need a lot more heat and I'm not sure how I'd "send" it where needed.

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    Superheated steam can only be achieved with pressures of 220+ bar, and for thus you require at least 200 Hu/t input, which is not doable atm without liquid heat exchangers (coolant from reactors)

    Currently there is no way to transfer heat from a generator to a receiver other than directly adjacent.

  • Ok thanks.

    It appears one can get more power from biogas->semifluid than biogas->steam->kinetic generator, which was all I wanted to learn.