How to add custom Quantum/Nano Armor Suite items (extend existing)?

  • First of all, thank you, IC2 Dev Team, for this awesome project that you maintain!

    I have good exp in webdev (php,js) and desktop apps (delphi, c#), and recently I've started learning Java and went through some simple tuts about Minecraft modding step by step, had no problem with that.

    But in some a bit more complicated things I've stucked. Need your kind help :)

    How can I extend ItemArmorQuantumSuite in my mod? I want to use this as a basement for some advanced type of Quantum Armor.

    I've tried different things, but none of them helped:
    - decompiling ic2 source and importing ic2.core.item.armor.ItemArmorQuantumSuite (this lead to many errors)
    - looking for some clues in GraviSuite mod source (did not understand how author uses functionality of QuantumChestplate + adds a new one)

    So my question is - how to create a new armor which will have all Quantum specs + some added by me?

    P.S. Maybe someone could also advice me where I can learn advanced things like that?

    Thank you!

  • That sounds like your decompiled copy isn't working properly due to decompilation artifacts, which is no surprise. Try using the (untouched) dev jar as a library instead by adding it to the build path if you are using eclipse.

    In general it's not recommended to use/access IC2 core classes, they aren't designed for it and may become incompatible at any time. Since IC2 addons are allowed to copy IC2 code, you can take what you need to recreate the code on top of just the API. Also look into some 1.7 MinecraftForge armor tutorial to see how the basic rendering, registration etc. is to be set up.