Support-Request: Rules and My Ban Punishment.

  • Recently I was banned for grieving and/or stealing in city limits. I am new to the server and I didn't see any rules that people said I was breaking, The wiki said the rules were coming soon. When I first read about the Mod and the server It was stated that grieving, stealing, and killing was the basis of the mod. Which is why I don't understand that I broke the rules when I can't even find them on the forum. So, I ask this a Permanent Ban is a little excessive for breaking rules that aren't even stated. Once I was told I was breaking the rules by the player Offboss I made sure to stop my actions but a few minutes later I was banned without even being talked to by an Admin. I'm sorry for my actions and I will be sure to read these rules. I also suggest these rules be more easily stated to new players. Thank you for reading my "Ban Appeal" and Support thread and I hope you take my Ban appeal into consideration, My ingame name is "Inselidous".