Confusing reactor behaviour.

  • I've tried to make a reactor design with the highest possible efficiency, and managed to make a pulsed design with eff 5 and no reflectors. Now, i've tested the design in-game, and something seems odd. In the reactor planner(new one) a single component heat exchanger replaced for a component heat vent seems to make the difference in the whole world, that is that ALL the vents don't explode when i switch it up, but in the game, it barely seems to make a difference. Could you explain that? Oh, and the pulse configuration is modular, so it can be changed around, as long as the on period isn't too long to blow up the whole reactor, but the on and off periods have to be the same(i made it that way so it can be used easely with project red, with a timer and the gate with a lever.)

    Reactor designs:

    the "broken" one: 0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D140D140D140D140D140D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C000C0D140D140D140303000C0D0C0D0C0D0303030C140D140D14

    the working one: D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C000C0D140D140D140303000C0D0C0D0C0D0303030C140D140D0C

    feel free to use these in your world.