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  • Wow... Just wow. You saw how I got pmod and wanted to get pmod yourself eh?
    Read the latest posts.. You will see that the one I made is official........... and you also stole the domain name we were going to use.

    Sorry what? I didnt know you got pmod for the forum, nor did i get it for pmod. I got it cause i like the community.
    Also, there is no such thing as stealing domains, sorry if i beat you to purchasing it but thats how the cookie crumbles.

  • I spoke with rtm he is paying $15/month out pod his pocket to host a full website with forum... I have asked him to have you setup as the forum administrator as I do love what you have done with the forum but his donation On going donation puts a beuatiful face on the server with ad free at that it's great to see all this support.

    He in no way was trying to tip the boat just make a contribution that I must say is surprising generousity and is whole heartedly appreciated. Currently fun u have done a great job with the forum and I know you make a great forum administrator rtm knows it too he has not replied yet but I'm sure he will want to support as well as no man can manage an army of things alone... Fun you are one of my favorite people on the server always working hard to improve the community and provide that helping hand so please take no offense in the equal interest to build a better community support.

  • fun just to clarify for any who might have gotten the wrong impression from your statement i would like to clarify that you and all other pmods got their status because they have been active, respected, helpfull members of the server.

  • relax guys point being someone from the server now owns the domain name :D that is a good thing lets leave it at that. perhaps you could aid him in paying for it. why has dontating become competive we all want the server to survive lets just leave it there we all do our part and it works out for the best

  • Aight sorry bout that. Its fine. I just was kinda ticked off this morning anyways. Rage post you could say. Anyways it is a good job. Love the forum.

    :thumbsup: This is my signature. Yup. That's it.

  • it happens to everyone. important part is being able to realise that your not 100% makes things soooo much better in the end trust me./me has lots of personal experiances with that

  • lev this 30% death cost is putting me right off specially with no system to keep money safe (cue ppl saying nothing wrong with this) its a non stop cycle specially if some one hasn't got anything to make armor. i just die by damn creeper it cost me $137 i get to keep so of my stuff witch was all the rubbish not important stuff like lappack drill etc so infact i got done over double time as they got tag team blown up.

    im sorry im not having ago just expressing my view on this. having no money for buying/trading because of this is well might as well not have money system.also i like to ask what if yr murdered by another player ? not only they get your stuff (pvp map) they cost you little money u have again double done over.

    sorry lev but i really fail to see point of this system without a way to safe gaurd the hard earned cash.(im aware it was to stop hunger death health reset).

    my views on this :)


  • I agree with nitromad 100% here. I completely dislike this new death system. It's pretty annoying and well I went from 1000 to 30 in a single death, something must be wrong.

    Also, could I get VIP Lev?

  • USE REIS MINIMAP with deathpoints... for god sake...

    Also you can buy diamonds from admin shop for pretty nice price, which can be used as way to keep your money safe...

    EDIT: Also i dont think its so impossible to get bronze armor now, its around 35 ingots only...

  • USE REIS MINIMAP with deathpoints... for god sake...

    Also you can buy diamonds from admin shop for pretty nice price, which can be used as way to keep your money safe...

    EDIT: Also i dont think its so impossible to get bronze armor now, its around 35 ingots only...

    how about NO i don't WANT to use reis minimap ....FOR GOD SAKE........

    i just expressed my view peacefully for you to get ratty at me i regret donateing now to have replys like that thrown at me.

    i do not like reis minimap and it my choice not to use it but does not mean i should be forced into using it ...my view

    diamons 300 ea not i a very good price when one death will easly remove half of that.

    also i found it this won't stop hunger death(i tested) i can just be at base as normal put items in chest die from hunger and it does not charge me a penny.....humm fail on that point

    also 35 bronze ingots ok but dont forget u got to make bronze so not just 35 ingots u got get copper ore and tin ore then coal to smelt into bars then make into bronze.......

    im sorry but matter of fact it will make alot of people not bother and is very unpopular to point few ppl already gone else where in total im ok for it but not at 30% to high of a price to go minning.

    but by looks of tlac reply i can just go on till i blue in face with my views

    i just got be force to use mods i don't want to.

    thats me done i posted my views you now them enough from me.


  • We shall try that for a while also I will check starvation on the player death wouldn't that be a kick If that was done wrong.

    thank you lev i can say starvation is bugged/glitch ask ndagger i was dieing tons of times testing this out.

    as stated the system in total im all for and glad you feel you need to lower it :)


  • Minimap or waypoint is easy and fast way to get your stuff back. If you dont want to use it, then dont do it, but dont come there and whine about "I CANT HAZ MY STUFF BACK". This death toll system is easy prevention agaist "Oh i have no food... Whatever, lets jump into lava..."

    Also with jobs implentation, getting 300 for diamond is pretty easy...

    And my post wasnt meant to be offensive...much... I just see this crap everyday again and again...