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  • What I have been told is that you need to use the minefactory one becuase it needs a lot more to run it and also it Costs a lot more to make it so it makes you have to work for it

    Yes, block RP2 block breakers are uncraftable. Since RP2 and Minefactory Reloaded both provide block breakers, the admins have chosen to use only the MFR one as it is more expensive to craft and requires a power source to operate. However, the RP2 mod is very messed up right now and many of the block IDs have been altered. This is probably what is causing your game to crash. I've had my game crash when trying to craft block breakers, filters, transposers, and a bunch of other RP2 machines. This should be fixed in one of the next server updates. I think its got something to do with compatibility with MCForge or something like that. Anyway it should be fixed soon.

    Also, Levint, can't wait for the new processor. Sounds awesome! Should do a lot for helping lag issues and such.

  • The server seems to be having problems everytime it restarts... Bear with us ....

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  • Hey people running the server, I cant get onto the server and I know its not from the client but from the server so I was wondering if you could fix it, theres multiple youtube videos on it. The error is internal exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

  • Hey Guy who can't log in, There is currently 11 people on including myself and it is working fine. Double check your client

  • i know the error,it is cause mod problems,this thing you can do:

    1. downlaod minecraft fresh and mod onyl the modpack no other mods

    2.its not working a admin need to delete ur userdata,but than u will loose all stuff in ur inventory

  • None of you are banned. Not sure about anything else though atm.

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  • Can someone delete my player files...im sad it will get rid of my stuff but i can get all it back. Ive tried reinstalling the mods about 7 times I think, and its not working. Ty for the help. :)

  • My house is in a crashing area,othe rusers are crashing,too!
    if u are in front of spawn city and go left in direction to the obsydian arena u crash after a while,in my house i crash too,cause its near to it
    fix it pls,before about 8 hours i didnt crashed

  • ssadly down...why are admins so inactive?
    i hope if i go sleep and i go online next day and server is on too admin wont have destroyed my quarry,cause its stil running..

  • Hey guys just slow it down there is a lot of stuff going on with the server.
    They are getting new computer parts to make it run faster then before and be able to utilize other things to make the server that i assume you like because you are playing on it, better.
    Also many of the mods are still in early development and most are still in beta versions.
    Plus with modding api maybe coming out later January (that's what i saw on the wiki) there's a bumpy road ahead. Even though minecraft is out of beta the modding parts of minecraft is still very hard due to them wanting to keep minecrafts source codes a secret

    running a server is a lot of work and you need to realize that. lev (server owner) will get the server up and running to the peak perfection as soon as he can

    *edit also the server admins are not inactive they just both have REAL jobs and i think both of them also have famieles or at least married. They work on the server and make it the best it can be for FREE they are not one of the server that charge money to get on.