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  • Seems to be something with the server's connection, far as I can tell from the way it's acting. Which doesn't surprise me, it's kinda stormy on the east coast (where the server is) and Charter sucks.

    Hope it will be fine soon .... thnx u for Info :thumbup:

  • Hope it will be fine soon .... thnx u for Info :thumbup:

    Bear in mind it's just an educated guess...I don't know for sure, and don't really have a way to ask, I just happen to live on the east coast and get caught in the path of the storms, lol :D

  • if you guys want the truth it's either the mods are fighting against each other and that is causing the packets to be sent weird or he is having internet issues

    i would go with the first one

  • If it is the internet first of all weather should not have a big affect on it unless it is satellite internet. I would recommend changing your internet company. If you can't why not pay for a server. They are not that expensive and run really well if you go with the right company. Some allow mod installs like ic2.

  • Its currently the internet is out in large portions of Michigan. To everyone complaining about hosting the server somewhere. 1. We don't want to as we would have to make this a pay server 2. you are free to go play on other servers with are pay to play hosted servers. So STOP complaining that we aren't a hosted server. It's FREE to play here. :cursing:

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  • Also what crazy world do you live in where Weather isn't a factor? 60 mile an hour wind gusts have a tendancy to cause a problem with hanging lines..... :cursing::evil:

    “Nobody important? Blimey, that’s amazing. Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.”
    The Eleventh Doctor

  • LOL so true para!

    Anyways, stop complaining guys... Go find something else to do.

    Imma be on steam if any of you want to play some crap: <IFA> Fundevin

    Or just burn some coal in your generator to keep warm. :Generator: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :LV-Transformer: :Induction Furnace: :Macerator:

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  • Here's the beef last night we had winds reach 80 mph broke the fence in my backyard for 1 also pulled down trees in my area some are without power but all have little to no Internet service. I am likey I lost power only about an hour and my internet is slow but not non exsistant they promise service will be restored by tonight as long as power is restored within its time table. So for now no server dark you are new to the server so I will cut you some slack but your attitude needs to improve Gult gorge is one of the 1st public ic servers we have a uptime of 94.8 which thanks to charter has gone down from a 98.7 but that said we are free to play and since it's my server it will remain free2play so no hosting. Ease back the anger thrusters I don't much like it either.

    Here is the news

  • cheers for update lev at least it given me time to try workout how to railcaft in ssp lol

    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Same i did my new reactor :Reactor: :Reactor: :Reactor: in SSp its make 807EU/t in SSP safe but i think in SMP must go with 747EU/t or less if not :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT:

    New update
    Now 997EU/t safe in SSP and max 1359EU/t SSP but in start get max heat .

  • So I heard a rumor of a map reset in around a week. Is this true? Is there a date set?

    I know there is a vault we will be able to use for the next map. How big is the vault and what can we put in it? Are we only able to include stock MC items or moded items as well?

  • o i know a map reset is not everyones favorite but here are the positives...
    1. WILD
    2. Leveled Playing Field for all.
    3. Stabilty (no huge factories every 10 feet
    4. New Resources, right now for many the resources have become a little harder to find then before, IE Oil is the best example, but land is another not everyone wants to live in a desert empty land.

    The move will not be a complete loss for the player currently on the server.
    We are going to install a Vault. Each player will get 1 Full sized chest (not IRON CHEST) each must be marked with a sign establishing ownership as LWC protections will have to be re-established after the move, without a sign chest can not be protected.


    1. Vanilla items only meaning no ores besides iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis.

    2. Nothing but vanilla, each chest will be checked if non vanilla items found the chest will be removed and all items lost. Any chest not marked with a ACTIVE PLAYERS NAME, PROTECTED BY THEM WITH LWC AND ONLY THEM will be deleted.

    3. No shared chest, ie no items placed in another players chest can be removed by anyone but them, sorry to much work, i am an admin not a mom.

    4. once the vault is moved it will be locked to all players for at least 1 day to est ownership.

    5. If you own a shop all chest must be removed, ALL CHEST if a chest is found iron or otherwise the whole building will be deleted, this also includes any machines, pipes engines ect. (Only Shops made in the ADMIN ESTABLISHED shops will be moved, no surround area will be moved.

    6.Midas city apartments will not keep ownership as they will be moving to a rental system in the new map with fully equip labs, enchanting tables and thing of that sort, they will be set as a 3day rental with a price to TBD in game.

    The plan is friday 6pm, last vault save will be made. The new map may take a day or so to bring online but no items vaulted pass 6pm will be saved/moved.


    The vault will installed across from the Monster Museam infront of the spawn city as you to the market district area.
    It will be built by either me or para and will be a multilevel building, with layers of building holding many chest.


    The plan is to set a worldborder of only 500 for the first day this will prevent a small active group/user from claiming all the resources and will eventually/slowly be expanded to 1800.

    If you have any questions please ask.

    EDIT: We have discused to some length (VIP) / (P.MODS) will be allowed 1 large chest and 1 small chest. Signs for the Small Chest should be makred with name above and in the bottom line (VIP)

  • Please note that the fact that a map change is coming does NOT excuse grief-like behavior, including detonating TNT/nukes anywhere where someone's stuff other than your own might be damaged, breaking stuff, killing pets, stealing, what have you.

    On a related note, Mcmuffinman101's had his warning and his jail time for destroying Oceanica's monster spawners, and trying to detonate TNT in his house (which would have destroyed part of Oceanica's dome if explosions weren't turned off).

  • Greifing during this transition to a new map will still be tested with the ban hammer. That said after the vaults last save WHICH I will post to inform u there will be time to have fun with the old map I will even disable worldgaurd.

    I know a lot of people have been asking for a chance to nuke there house so wait until the last backup and there should be a few hours after the last save on Friday to have some harmless fun.

    Have some fun this week focus on collecting as much vanilla items as u can converting what you have into a transferable wealth as you money you can't take with u, only the items.

    Also might want to start collecting some gunpowder... XD

    I am sure most of you know but you may want to spend this time making diamonds and if you have note done it yet slay those ender dragons. I have increased the value of there death to 500 they also respawn every hour.

  • so to confirm we are allowed to take anything that is included in vanilla minecraft such as obsidian, pistons, wood, stone and such? or just ores?