SCANNER WON'T WORK - I can't begin to replicate items

  • Hey everyone, my scanner won't work for some reason. All it says is "idol" when hooked up to an MFSU and charged to full power. It won't let me put an item in to be scanned and I've tried everything from cobblestone to diamond. It is right next to pattern storage and I have put the pattern storage into all different sides of it. I've also tried putting a memory crystal thingy into it and even when that's in it still says "idol" and won't accept ANY items to be scanned at all. I don't know what the problem is. Thanks.

    Also I'm using version 1.11.2 of minecraft if that even matters at all. And industrial craft 2 mod with forge. So yeah.

  • Is there any way I can fix it without updating? The issue is that I'm on a private server with my friend so I'm not sure what updating will do. Will I lose all my stuff? Will the server not work if I update? Idk