Add custom items to be made with UU-Matter

  • Hi ! I have a little problem ; how to add custom items at the UU-Matter list ? I'm french so I don't speak english very well. If you understand me, I want to add (e.g.:

    [balance / uu-values / predefined]

    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_ore = 12000

    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_shard = 1333

    mekanism:ingot:1 = 100

    (that's just a example)

    But I don't know if that's possible to add a modid:id and the sub id (like mekanism:ingot:1) because the others don't use the sub-id... Can you help me please ? :D

  • We have a command to tell you what to add to the config file. It's called "/ic2 currentItem". You just have to have the item in your hand and execute the command and it'll tell you exactly what to add to the config file. (Note: capitalization matters)

  • can you help me?

    Im on MC 1.7.10 and i Use avaritia mod and i hate EE2, so i was trying to use UU-Matter with avaritia stuff like neutronium, catalyst and infinity ingot.

    I tryed everyting on config nothing worked.. Scanner just dont accept the item on him.

    I tryed:

    avaritia:resource@4 = 800000

    also i tryed:

    avaritia:resource:4 = 800000

    Nothing worked..

    can u help me plz?

    PS: English is not my main language, so im sorry for anything wrong.