[1.7.10] Crops++ (a Berries++ fork)

  • Hello there,

    this project forkes the Berries++ Crops and adds some various other Berrys.

    It's not even compileable yet, but im working on it.

    EDIT1 (25.11.2017): It compiles now, still there is no way to get the berrys, but breeding for now. Also they drop wheat, due to no coustom Items yet.

    Anyways heres the github.

    EDIT2 (09.12.2017): Natura integrated. ITS ALIVE!

    EDIT3 (09.12.2017): Tinker's Construct integrated, no on block dmg yet.

    EDIT4 (31.12.2017): Release Version 1.0.1: Here!

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