Kinetic generator output loss

  • First of all - sorry, my english not good.

    I tried to build fluid nuclear reactor in 2.8.16-ex112 (minecraft 1.12.2) after long time not plaing (last time 1.7.10)

    I build scheme 1280Hu/t that I found on android planner: (divide number in corner by 20 - another bug)

    It has 6 lines of double liquid heat exchangers (100hu/t each) heating steam boiler 221bar 1000mb that powers 2 steam turbines connected to kinetic generators.

    Kinetic generator 1 says producing 100eu/t, 2 - 50 eu/t, but measuring output of line gives total 120eu/t on eu reader.

    I made some screenshots of output from first generator and it looks like it has around 85% performance.
    And here is the question: is it normal? Can I get all 100eu/t output?