Setting up a Miner

  • So, first off - this forum seems like it doesn't get a lot of traffic - is that correct, or is it just slow right now?

    On to my issue...

    Playing in Direwolf20 mod-pack, trying to set up a Miner for some ore collecting automation. I originally set it up with geothermal power because I had read somewhere that was the best power to use. But after loading it up with 6, then 8 buckets of lava and running through that power in a matter of 2-5 minutes I found this power solution lacking.

    I had recently set up a water tower with (28) Water Mills nearby, so I moved that tower and plugged the Miner into that. That tower doesn't create enough juice to keep the Miner running full tilt. I can probably add on to that and give it another idk...12, 16 or more Water Mills, but before I do that I wanted to ask the question of some of the veterans of the Mod Pack -

    What is the best power source for this? The best case scenario would be a semi-portable set up since when I get to bedrock it will move. Maybe not far, but it will move. And eventually the whole set-up will need to move. A single generator would be best in that regard, moving a water tower of 'Mills every time I need to move seems like a big pain. A large solar array would be a similar pain. Though if I can come up with a few HV solar panels, maybe that would help/work? Do the HV Solar Panels send energy packets out at 32EU? I'd hate to have to set up transformers and whatnot too for the LV Miner. (no upgrade for voltage either)

    Should I ditch all of the ongoing power generators and just keep plugging batteries into the Miner?

    Curious to see the solutions!

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    I personally mostly use wind turbines to power the miner, but you might need to use transformers as well, if you do that.

    HV solar panels (as the name already says) emit High Voltage (512 EU/t), so you'd also need a transformer.