Question about the nuclear reactor

  • Hello,

    My name is Tom,

    I use your mod "IndustrialCraft"

    :Reactor: And I created a nuclear power station to have fun with my friends,

    :!: And one day I hear the alarm of one of my reactor that is switched on, it was 40%.

    :!: And every time a reactor alarm goes off, I have to shut down the reactor manually.

    :?: Do you have any idea that as soon as it goes up to 10% for example, it will stop automatically?

    Thank you in advance, :D

    I specify that I am new on your forum so I hope I did not deceive category.

    If there is need to install other mods that could solve my reactor problem, I can install them there is no problem.

    I also specify that I am French, and that I translate with Google Traduction, and there are perhaps some sentences that are not right.