Insulated Tin Cable looses 0.2 EU per block, from the first block on.

  • I wondered why my solar panels don't work, and found out the insulated tin cables loose 0,2 per block, from the first on. This means solar blocks only work properly with a bat pack adjacted to each one. There is nothing in the documentation about that, is this intended?

    Version: industrialcraft-2-2.8.16-ex112


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    It was basically working, so it was losing 0.2EU per block. (solar (1EU) - 2*0.2EU loss = 0.6EU/t) . This explains what you are seeing.

    In the latest build, I switched it back to the old mechanic of the actual loss being ⌊cable loss⌋, so you only lose a full unit of energy or nothing.